the last of some; the beginning of a few

The start to my day was bitter-sweet. At the cafe where I work, one of our 3 locations is closing at the end of this month. Along with the closure of that location comes the end of our onsite bakery, which is housed in the location where I work. For my cafe, it means the loss of working with two wonderful ladies, one of which is moving back to her home country of Brazil. The other lady I will still get to see as she lives in town. So we gathered today at 9am and had our final staff breakfast in the back....gluten free pancakes, berry syrup, oranges and other tasty things. We conversed between mouthfuls and customer orders. It was something the bakery ladies wanted to start doing once a week, to strengthen the community of staff at our cafe, and it's worked wonders (I think), except now as always seems to be the get nestled right into something great, only for it to change and grow into something else. Back at home in the studio now, I am excited to be able to share this bit of good news.  I'm designing the poster for this years Robson Valley Music Festival. This is the 2nd version and I'm about to start the 3rd. Just awaiting performer line-up confirmation and fixing a few coloring and spacial errors I made on this one.


The past two days I've had the good fortune of being able to listen to some raw audio files from Karyn Ellis' new album, which I am designing the cover art work for. It's lovely. I'm unsure of the release date for this beauty....but I'll keep you posted. Her music is lovely and I'm really excited she wants me to be a part of her new record.

(If you have a minute, you can hear a track from Karyn's new album here, and if you like the song, you can vote for it too!)


Yesterday afternoon was very exciting for me. I had my first every guitar lesson! I learned some fingering exercises and the 'd' chord. It's a fun thing to practice while waiting for layers of paint to dry and it freaks Luke out. Gershwin my golden retriever doesn't care, but there are very few things I do around the house that phase him. But Luke is still pretty skittish about somethings; loud noises, fast movements he's not ready for, hurried exits from the house by either myself or the bearded dude....but he's getting better all the time. I'm sure he'll stop leaving the room when I pick up my guitar eventually. Maybe when I get a bit better at it.DSCF4034

And lastly, one of the commissions I'm working on today is of Newfoundland and happens to be headed there upon completion. Hooray, boats!


I hope you have a weekend of wonderful things planned. I know I do.