The longevity of the tea kettle

I have today off and usually on days off I get up 6am. I do this for two reasons. One, my internal clock just naturally awakens me at that time and two, there is usually a soft pair of brown eyes boring into my head at that time sending me subliminal messages. "I have no opposable thumbs and it's been hours since my last meal....for God's sake, FEED ME!" (-Gershwin, my golden retriever). To start the studio I turn on the lights, get the laptop ready (because my photos aren't printed) and put the kettle on to boil for tea and while I'm waiting for the kettle, I take Gershwin out to pee. I did all that this morning...and when I came in, the kettle was still cold. NO! I flicked the switch, it's only got enough water in it for one cup of it dead? I turned off the switch, turned it on again....and it worked. Phew! 10 years and counting that kettle has been boiling water for tea. Crisis averted...there was indeed tea in the studio this AM!

"Yellow Belly's interior, looking onto Water Street" ink on paper in my sketchbook

Finding a place to eat dinner that doesn't mind you breaking out a sketchbook or a book can be a tricky thing. Cafes and coffee shops are just a given. People are reading, or working on their laptops...but restaurants that is not usually the case. My first night in St. John's I stopped in at a pub on George Street. Now, I was told George Street is known for it's nightlife, it's music...and it's shenanigans. I went a bit early and things were just getting started when I left. I am not a night owl, especially after a full day of plane rides, lay overs and cab rides. I basically ate and then walked sluggishly back to the hostel and went straight to bed. On my second night I was making my way back down to George Street when I came across a pub and brewery called Yellow Bellies. Sweet! They brew their own beer and have food...and a lovely bar that people were sitting reading the paper at and sipping pints at 8 in the evening. So I ordered a pint of St. John's stout, ordered some food, and brought out the sketchbook and did this drawing. It took a while to I had another pint (Fighting Irish Red, which is my favorite!)...and then it began to blow and rain sideways so I had a third pint (Wexford Wheat Ale). Three delicious pints and a drawing later....I returned to my hostel content, and in far less blustery weather.