The lost art of penmanship

"The thoughts beneath" acrylic & ink on canvas, 8" x 10" $80

How often do you write? I mean physically hold a pen and write something with your own hand? I keep a journal and write poetry...and in general I just really like practicing my handwriting. In school, you could tell just from my notes that it was a new school year. I changed the style of my writing every year from about grade 5 to 12. There was the painfully neat printing and writing phase, the bubble letter phase, the dot-the-i-with-a-heart phase, the messy phase. I had a hard time once with a bank card with my signature on it...because I didn't like how silly the old signature looked, so I started signing things differently. (oops!)

Penmanship is a lost art, or becoming one. I like having words in paintings, either as background, or something you can actually read. I keep notes in my sketchbook about painting ideas, colors I've used that I like...if I painted over the painting or if it sold quickly. Maybe someone will want to read these someday. That was the inspiration for the second painting today. I was half done "to & from" yesterday...and I liked this new one so much, I figured I should post it.

And now I should go and do the dishes that aren't doing themselves.