the melting pot

It's September 4th and I'm hiding in my house because it's bloody hot outside and I am officially done with this heat. Sweat was pouring off my brow walking from the art store the block to my car to put canvases in the trunk. 33 degrees out! Edmonton! What the hell is wrong with you! Motivation to run is nil, so instead....I painted in as little clothing as possible and drank lots of water.

I finished these two little guys:


'the V&A (london, UK)'

mixed media on canvas, 9" x 12"



'down the garden path (frome, somerset UK)

'mixed media on canvas, 9" x 12"


I tried to get a better photo of this lovely landscape I hung with the show on Sunday morning, but camera is getting old and has trouble dealing well with low light conditions. That and Sugarbowl is a pretty hopping place at 2:30 in the afternoon. I'll get a better photo in a few days, but this does show off the colors and the details fairly well.


'the view from glastonbury tor (glastonbury, somerset UK)'

mixed media on canvas, 24" x 48"


The first 2 in this post will be making their way to the front entrance way of the cafe (Transcend on 62nd ave) tomorrow morning when I open. The walls at Sugarbowl are nicely filled, so there is no sense in crowding the pieces there.

I think it's safe to walk the dogs and then safer still to enjoy some cold beer afterwards. One must keep themselves hydrated during this last hot flash of summer.

My apologies for the griping about the heat to all you summer lovers....but you had your season. It's time for cardigans and light jackets and not sweating profusely as you walk from your house to the car. Let it be autumn and seasonably cooler. Amen.