the minor chord, the major lift

I have guitar lessons on Thursdays. This week I learned notes on the 3rd string; G & A, and my first minor chord; Em. My first sad sounding chord. I'm told that there are many songs I could learn now, knowing D, C, G and Em. Scary thought, a bit. My loose goal is to become proficient and confident enough at playing my guitar that I can take it with me to the festivals this August and maybe play a little with people I don't know. And in daydreams, if I start a band....I'm calling it "damn, woman". True story. I need more things to occupy my time, right? I also want to knit myself a red had and a scarf with the lovely turquoise wool I showed you a few posts back. I'm done painting for the night. It's time to strum and practice my knitting.

But before I settle in to those things, I wanted to show you what I finished today:


'now playing' (garneau theater, edmonton)

mixed media on birch panel, 24" x 30"


I meant to merely fix the background on this one. I loved the how the portrait of Luke turned out....but the background was making me cringe. I covered it with indian red, intending to paint something for the background....but I kind of like the red, so I gave him a shadow and here he is!


'luke the butler'

acrylic on birch panel, 6" x 8"


Both of these pieces are going to be hung in Transcend (Argyll location) tomorrow morning. Then if the road conditions are good, I head to Jasper. If not, it's a weekend of dog snuggles, day dreaming and making things. I hope you have awesome plans too!