The mix

"along Chin Coulee" pen & watercolor on paper

Ha! I bet you thought I wouldn't post today I was slacking off and spending all day with my nose in a book and neglecting the studio. Not likely. Quite the opposite. Add to the mix of things that occupy my time in a varietal fashion...I am now working in an art store, and what a good time THAT is! This of course is in addition to drawing artifacts and working in a cafe/ used bookstore 2 nights a week, but I guess they say if you want something done....give it to a busy person.

But right now, I'm in the studio listening to Jenn Grant, sipping on some lovely tea I got at the farmers' market this morning, (hooray for year round farmer's markets!!) and scheming up more postcards....and loosely planning the months ahead.

This postcard has a bit to do with one of my jobs, which is drawing artifacts (ie. arrowheads, stone tools, bone bits....etc.) for the U of L. We got to map an effigy (a  two dimensional figure outlined on the ground with rocks) in the summer on Chin Coulee...which is way down in the south part of Alberta. It was a supremely windy day, hot and summery...and this is a shot I took of the group of us heading back to our vehicles...dreaming of cold beer and slurpies! I saw a lot of interesting places in Southern Alberta this summer...and I get quite defensive when people say the prairies are flat and boring. THEY AREN'T! Go exploring. We have some of the most diverse and interesting landscape in our own's AMAZING.

That's my rant on Alberta topography appreciation...and I think I have sufficiently filled my daily quota of large words too!