the monday "aaaahh......"'s Monday. Grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup for lunch, laundry, de-dog-hairing the house, open windows and plodding away at this stars wars caricature drawing for my co-workers. I'm sooooo close to being done, but I don't want to rush it so I'm calling it a day. I spent about 4 good hours working on it and have only 3 more characters to draw, then finish the background, sign it and done. Here it is so far. I took the picture at a funny angle so as not to give the entire drawing I like taking pictures of things. (I'm cool like that.)

I feel silly saying I don't want to "rush" it, considering this little baby is a 3 months overdue (in my head, at least) but sometimes getting near to finishing a drawing or painting, I get super excited and need to just step back for a bit, to get more focus and not lose sight of how I want the finished piece to look. Otherwise, I go on ahead and make some silly mistake, or miss an important detail completely and have to spend more time fixing it, or thinking how to incorporate it so it looks like I meant to do....well, whatever it was I didn't really mean to do. I was hoping to get the first paper layers onto two new mixed media works also, but my holiday Monday was not for the over ambitious, so instead I will save that for tomorrow afternoon. There are only so many hours in the day....and some of those hours need to be spent snuggling dogs, reading books and not living in the studio.

That...and enjoying the luxury of a 2 hr nap in a sun filled bedroom.