the naps between

For two days I have been battling the beginnings of a spring cold. I'm pretty sure I'm winning. Mostly I just want to sleep, so I'm giving in. I'm not a fan of being in bed for too long, resting. I could be up doing things. I could always be doing something. But that's not the point, is it? It's good to sleep, to be still. After a 3ish hour nap this afternoon I needed out of the house, so I harnessed all three dogs (only two are mine, the third is my friend Lauras' who is in Florida at the moment NOT reading this and getting some sun on the beach......right my friend?) and went out about the neighborhood to see what melted today. Yesterday I mailed something precious and exciting to Toronto:



And then I treated myself to the last piece of chocolate cheesecake left over from Sunday dinner with my wonderful in-laws.


Sadly, the fatigue from this cold is setting in again, but I'm gonna push through and finish the painting on my easel so I can take it to the cafe in the morning. I promised myself I would get to bed at a decent time, and so far rest (and a nip of scotch) seem to be the cures for what is trying to ail me.

Also, I received an email today saying one of my paintings has been accepted into a group show for June. I'm going to see if I can sneak in one more piece. To date I had 6 art related things that I wanted to apply for. I have applied for 4/6. The last two have May 1 deadlines. Just some tweaking, printing and burning of sample images to disk....then they can be sent off for perusal and hopefully, acceptance. If not....I applied, which is a big step for me. The process of applying to galleries for solo exhibits for 2014 has been a great exercise in putting my painting ideas into words. That might seem strange, as I write on here about what I'm working on all the time, but the few times I've sprouted ideas for a series of paintings, I never really put those ideas into words. The images come, I make thumbnail sketches of them on paper so I don't forget, I paint them and then hang them somewhere. Hopefully some of these show applications get acceptance. If year could be a busy year of planes and out-of-car living. If not, I'll be more efficient and confident in my applications.

Planting seeds is never a waste of time. Something will come of it, one way or another.

That goes for you too. Whatever you were talking yourself out of applying for/trying out, stop it, and just do it already. You'll feel better. Then have some cake. And a nap.