the new

In true-to-ourselves fashion, the BD and I were tucked into bed at 10:30pm last night. We are not great at staying up late. We had some friends over earlier in the evening; a nice visit while we shared beer with them and they shared bubbles with us, and their tiny son, Dorian, kept coming out of the studio with new painterly treasures in his hands. I think his favorite was the brush I handed to him. He kept squatting down to sweep the floor or the stool or any other piece of furniture he encountered.

Then we awoke to a cold house. The furnace had quit. Then the BD packed his car and headed to work, and it seems someone ransacked it in the night and took some things. But, most new adventures have awkward starts, so here we go.

After most of the weird adventures got sorted, and I got some space heaters from my parents, I opened the sketchbook to a fresh page, unwrapped a blank panel and propped it up on the drawing table, put an old towel on the kitchen table for another blank panel, and got to work.

I'm not sure what to call this show yet. I hope to figure that out while the dogs and I are out on our walk today.

Here is to a new year and a new batch of work and musings to share!