the next day

Right back at work right after Newfoundland. Cafe has been super busy with the return of students, and an influx of new ones. I'm trying to take some time to process the most recent trip, my summer and then things I need to focus on this fall...there are a lot of great things going on, but my favorite things are falling to the wayside. Painting. Cooking. Running. Enjoying my own space. But was the beginning of an old habit. A good one. Working in the studio before the sun was even up. That's right...Saturday morning, and I was up at 7am making tea and painting postcards in the studio. Am I crazy? Most likely, but crazy and happy and creative. I'll take what I can get.

Unfortunately there wasn't enough time to paint all my postcards ON I am playing a bit of catch up this morning...but the postcards ARE of my trip to Newfoundland, and are still being mailed! I have only one blank postcard left in the studio and a wallet full of stamps...this needs to be remedied. I think a trip to the art store will be in order. And getting veggies at the farmer's market. And visiting friends. And handing out free hugs. And fixing my hair from looking like the aftermath of hot yoga and a good nights' sleep. Today is a day to get stuff and out of the studio.

That being said...of I go. Happy Saturday!