the ocean breathes salty

There are so many places I have had the pleasure (and great fortune!) of visiting in Canada. I really do ache to go back to most of them. I was asked the other day which coast I prefer...east or west. I gave it some thought, and found that I really don't have a preference. They both have their own allure and treasures. The northwest is rugged and sparsely populated...and old. So old...prehistoric in a lot of ways. People have been there for ages, and their traces have been taken over aggressively by the constant tide of wild growth that permeates much of the west coast. (Darn them and their long growing season!) The east coast is very historic. I'm in love with it's buildings and people and laid back lifestyle. I love how people from the east are actually FROM the east. They were born there, some moved away, most of them came back....but they all share this immense pride of: "I was born here, my dad was born here....and our great great great grand-whatever came over here from (blank) in the UK in (whatever year that astounds me because it's far older than anything in Alberta.) I digress. Now my mind is somewhere in Halifax....I have really itchy feet and a problem and an addiction to purchasing plane tickets and flying around Canada. Oh well. It could be crack. And then I would have no teeth and bad hair.

"masset harbor"

mixed media on canvas, 12" x 24"


This painting is from the west coast. Masset, which is on Graham Island, Haida Gwaii (or the Queen Charlotte Islands, but they have officially had their name changed to Haida Gwaii). Maybe it's because I'm from the prairies and grew up playing in 'ponds' as it were (compared to the great lakes or any ocean type body of water), but the fact that some people get to be or use boats at least once per day is so cool to me. Boats! Do you have to learn how to parallel park them? Do you get parking tickets...or floating tickets if you steal someone's spot in the harbor? How does that work? Some of the boats floating in the harbor looked like they hadn't left the harbor in some time...judging by the thick layer of barnacles that poked up from the undersides of some of them. I need to live by the ocean. Soon. Either side of the country...or in the UK.

Painting boats makes me very restless....and I don't really know why.