the pairing down/ the setting back up

*important note: i was informed on Thursday that my spot is not in front of Regent Optical's new location by The Elephant & Castle. i am setting up near the old location, or rather, in front of the new David's Tea to the right of Dadeo's on Whyte Avenue.

It's an odd thing, getting ready for, and coming back from a trip. First there is the great pairing down of things; get the studio squared away, the laundry done, make things neat, drop off the dogs somewhere, eat the leftovers, pack the essentials and a few extras for diverse weather conditions. Then it's just you and the lonely night with no dogs and the anticipation of the next days journey to the adventure destination. Then you come home, and it's all in reverse. The arrival home, the unanswered emails, the little things to catch up on (like haying the overgrown lawn, and travel laundry), the unpacking, the getting of dogs and then the normal things like thinking about what to make for dinner. Then you need to get groceries so you can make that dinner you've just been thinking about. Suddenly, you are in the thick of life again. It's odd to think that Wednesday I woke up in a campground in Cavendish on PEI and now it's the morning of day #2 of Whyte Ave Artwalk.

As per usual I took loads of photos to paint from and no, I didn't post all of them to my Instagram feed, as I'm sure it seemed I did at times. Also, I for sure didn't bring enough instax film with me, and it didn't help that I accidentally left a cartridge of film on the chair at Jen's house the day we left to take the ferry from Saint John to Yarmouth. Sigh. However, that is the only thing I left behind on the trip and it's not lost. It's enroute back to me via Canada Post. I have wonderful friends!

So here are the instax photos I did get, and the finished sketches from the trip. Today I'm bringing along the instax photos to Artwalk and will be working on mixed media watercolor paintings of a few of them. Come by and say hello and see the new pieces.

Happy Saturday!