the panel

It's Thanksgiving morning. A Monday. This morning started much like any Monday that I have off...until the panic set in. Shit! It's the long WEEKEND Monday! Am I supposed to be opening the cafe today? I flew out of bed and stumbled to the computer in the studio (with my house coat on, of course. No free show for traffic on 109th...I can tell you that!) to look at the cafe schedule online. No. Indeed I do NOT work. Relief. Something new to be thankful for. Being wrong. This morning there are two lovely 12" x 36" birch panels resting on the table side by side. Right now they have 3 layers of self-leveling gel on them and a layer of hymnal paper. It's going to be a lovely diptych from NWT. I have a few pictures of these wonderful, gnarly pines growing in between plates of exposed Canadian Shield. Much of the wood grain of the panel will be exposed...mostly because it's such a nice color and it seems such a shame to cover it up.

Mmmmmm....ripped up hymnal on birch panel. Extreme close up. I'm fairly certain these are going to look lovely when they are done. I'm using the hymnal pages for the rocks of the shield. The trees will be painted and the sky will either be left blank...or with a few smudges of blue to emphasize the break in the cloud ceiling that day. I'd better get back to it. I'm hoping to finish it tonight and post it on the fanpage and here on the site. That is...if I can avoid the turkey-coma that will inevitably prevail after dinner tonight. Three turkey dinners in a row. Delicious....but it sure can hamper one's productivity in the studio...

Hope you ingested lots of tastily prepared dead birds, or dead animals of any sort. If you are a vegetarian, I hope you ingested lots of tasty veggies and aren't offended by my previous statement.

Happy Thanksgiving friends!