the path to Saturday

Up before the sun. Luke and Gershwin insisted. Never mind that it's Saturday and we got in from our walk last night at 10pm. Fine. Toast. Coffee. Market. Then back home to chip away steadily at the to-do list in my head. Even though there is no social media (for the time being) on my phone, it's still the first thing I look at in the morning, mainly because it doubles as my alarm clock. I had a email to approve a comment left on my previous blog post and it WASN'T spam! (Thank you Deanna!) Not only that, it was a lovely description of 'desire lines'....those paths that our feet follow and we really can't explain it in the house, the woods or in our goings-on about the towns or cities where we live. Horses follow them in the snow I guess. I've seen cow trails in the hills near Maycroft when I go and visit my friend Ron. Same thing. Those cows have acres and acres of trees and grassy hillside to wander unencumbered. When one starts on the trail however, a few if not all will fall in line, meandering slowly over the hill side....onto the road....and they know which ones lead them to sweeter grass and which one leads to water.

So as I'm sleepily reading this lovely comment on my phone I think about the photos I loaded onto my laptop from my camera yesterday. Photos I took when I went to Red Deer last weekend for my friend's housewarming skate & toboggan party. I didn't skate or toboggan, but I took some lovely photos of other tobogganers whizzing down the hill and through the long shadows cast by the trees in the low sunlight. Thin lines of deepening blue draping across the bright snowy hill. If you are familiar with Red Deer, the hill I mean is Ash Hill...but not on the High School side of the road. Those shadows must be some kind of desire line for childhood. "If I can just make it to that further shadow and past my little brother....I am king of this hill!" Yup. That's a painting to be sure.

I hope you get to follow your desire lines today. To the couch. To the woods. To your favorite corner in your favorite cafe. Happy Saturday friends.