The presidential suite

"the presidential suite @ Chez Ron's, Maycroft AB" ink & watercolor in my sketchbook

This past weekends' visit to southern Alberta had a purpose. Not to say my visits down south normally don't have a purpose, but this one had a specific purpose. We were attending the Maycroft Community Ball. It's an annual event that takes place first week of November and it's usually 'cowboy' themed. (It's not really a theme, there are genuine cowboys in the it's a regular community get together...but for those of us who aren't cowboys or ranchers from the's 'themed') This year instead of bringing in a western band, our friend Ron who lives in the area and is on the community board decided to do something different. He booked a lovely Celtic group from Calgary to play. There was a dinner of prime rib prepared by some of the locals and dear lord....I wish I would have had two stomachs. The food was sooooo good! Then there were desserts....and a well stocked cash bar that wasn't charging an arm and a leg for the drinks. There was dancing, and visiting and a pie auction where the bids STARTED at $200. I've never been to a community supper with a dinner and band and dance....and it was seriously the most fun I have had with a whole lot of people I don't know. I was introduced as 'the artist' by our friend Ron (who proudly owns 4 pieces painted by me) and Gabriel is 'the archeologist' because he spent the summer staying at Ron's and digging in the area. We spent the night at Ron's like we do when we visit, on the second floor in what he calls his 'presidential suite'. (Complete with lovely bedding, matching housecoats, brightly colored crocs to wear round the house and bottles of water in a shiny bucket by the door in case you are thirsty.) It's my favorite place to stay. It's cozy, pitch black at night and in the morning there is fresh coffee, a spectacular view and most importantly...Ron and his fabulous stories. This is a sketch of the 'suite' from the chair by the door before you head downstairs. I miss being there already.

There are more works from Newfoundland on the way and a few more sketches I want to share. "The road to Ferryland" has been finished and is posted in the gallery section. One of the Newfoundland paintings already sold this weekend. Pretty exciting stuff!

My tummy is growling and fish and chips are calling.