the redmonton variations

The last commission got approval via email yesterday. In celebration of completing it on Friday, I started two new paintings of my own. DSCF4044

The one on the left is a close up of a really old typewriter with the floating round keys. The one on the right is the Glenora Hotel in Old Glenora here in Edmonton. Both of these will have tiny polaroids attached to them. I'm super excited!



I've also been working on some new sketches in my watercolor travel journal. This sketch is of a scarf I just bought.

The other two projects I'm working on today are music related. Glenn Gould's Goldberg variations is gently wafting through the house. The kitchen is all cleaned up from remnants of last nights dual birthday party and now there is not a lot left to do but some laundry between brushstrokes, sip tea and make the most of this beautiful, snowy Sunday in March.