the remains of this day

Seems everyone I know is going to London. It's preoccupying my thoughts. I'm looking forward to it. Dreading it. It's so far away. Really? Really. My friend Chris is now going to London too I guess, so we might hook up and have a pint or several across the pond. Small world. I'll have at least 4 people I know in the city when I go. Everyday I'm working on things. Planning. Sketching. Gluing things to canvas. Figuring out what goes on the next canvas while the other ones are drying. Last night I didn't paint. I worked in the garden. The front bed. I weeded, planted the hollyhock seeds my friend Jess gave me last summer; some red poppies from seed pods I pilfered last autumn on a dog walk, the chive and the rosemary I bought on the weekend and thought about what else needs to be done. I want sweet peas. And in the back, lily of the valley. I watered things. I had my headphones in. I got poked by sharp dry spruce needles littering the bed. My hands were caked with dirt and snow mold and squished spiders. It was awesome! More planting tomorrow. Pansies. Wooly time. I have to go shopping. I'm excited.

Mother's Day was Sunday, and I made an experimental mixed media postcard:


It turned out pretty well I think.


This afternoon I worked on this lovely painting which has taken a more fanciful turn. It's called "when no one is looking". Initially she was supposed to be standing against the wall, sort of blending in because the wall had hymnal on it too, like her dress. I planned to have her looking down with her hands behind her back.....but it's such a lovely day, it seemed more fitting for her to be dancing a bit. Maybe it's the sunshine and lovely breeze. Nine times out of ten my paintings turn out differently than I had first imagined.DSCF4318

And speaking of sunshine and lovely breezes, the new laundry line is getting plenty o' use! I'm sitting on the back porch while I type this out. Dogs are chasing each other and barking at everything. The big sheet keeps catching the breeze and fluttering over my head, changing the light to this warm orange glow on my lap. Makes me think of sun in tents. Now I want to go camping!

The Bearded Dude has broken out my favorite fedora. He's wearing it while he BBQ's dinner. It's official. It's summer. I've been productive enough today. I cleaned off the work table and palette. I refuse to work everyday until it's dark and I'm tired and feel cheated from missing out on the lovely summer evenings. Time to go and play in what remains of this day.