the rise and fall

Well dear friends (and new people...hello!), I was running the other evening in the Parkallen and Garneau areas of Edmonton and I saw the first hand evidence of the inevitable. Changing leaves. Fallen leaves. Leaves that are yellow. Fall is approaching people. My favorite season is drawing near! Enjoy the final dregs of summer. Buh-bye shorts and hello leggings and knitted goodness. I like summer...don't get me wrong. I just like fall and winter and HECK of a lot more and am happy to see the summer make a somewhat graceful and colorful exit...not because it started out like complete CRAP. The beginning was poor, the middle was better and the ending has been pretty darn great. Funny how it began with a horrid break up and ends happily in Newfoundland meeting new people and exploring one of my favorite places in Canada. So long summer...and thanks for all the trips!

Still with me?

I'm on about the ending of summer because of the tree painting I'm working on. The photo I'm using as a reference for this painting is one I took last winter (sometime in February, I think) while on a walk with Gershwin (my golden retriever). It's a very simple shot of pine needle clusters with some lovely late winter nearing dusk sky in the background. I dry brushed two different colors of green onto the lovely teal background I painted a few weeks ago. (See? I WAS kidding about scraping the tree show for a show of canvases that were painted all one were worried, weren't you?)

So this is a side shot of (still!) the unfinished version (layer #2 of 5) with my laptop and the blurred reference photo showing on the screen. It's no hipstamatic-instagram type shot, but this is how I work in the studio. Screen to canvas...translated loosely through my brush. I was hoping to have this painting finished and posted this evening to share with you...but hot yoga kicked my butt this evening, and as so I am listening to my body and going to bed instead. Actually...I am in bed right now...writing this.

So please stop wondering what I'm wearing.