the scottish watercolours

I've been struggling with being back in Edmonton. It's wonderful to be home and not living out of my backpack or car or both, but after so much travel and so much show prep, I am finding it difficult to just be still. Friends keep asking me 'where to next!' I respond 'my couch.' Nowhere, thankfully. I'm combating the antsy-ness I feel with yoga, extra long dog walks, and mornings started with reading. Last week was full of visits, which usually is the case because of the BD's work schedule. But this week, this week is for me and the dogs in the quiet haven of our little house. It's time to get down and flesh out the stories, put things to paper and canvas; try to capture it the best I can with the diverse supply of media at my disposal here in the studio. The BD built me a paper rack for my sheets of coloured tissue. We cleaned the house. I still need to top up the grocery situation. The commissions I needed to catch up on from last month are completed. The Christmas cards are all out. Paintings have been swapped in the cafe and at Under The High Wheel. It's good to be back.

This week I am working on some Charlottetown streetscapes to send off to a gallery in Charlottetown, PEI. While those come to fruition in the work table and easel, I am finally making drawings from my trip to Scotland in July. 


From my favourite photo in Cally Gardens at the Gate of Fleet. I can't remember the Jack Russell's name; it was either Teddy or Eddy. Anyhow, he was a little dear, and whined whenever I stopped petting home. He trotted out happily to greet all the garden visitors, and would look so forlorn when people straightened up and walked away from him after giving him a pat, resuming their search for interesting and rare additions to their own gardens. 

Of course it's the dog in the photo that makes it my favourite. I'm such a damn softie for canine affection, especially when travelling and my own canines are not with me.

I hope to have a few of these completed for the groups show I am in at the beginning of next month. A show about works on paper.  Maybe it'll be the kick-in-the-ass I need to motivate me to make more works on paper. Here's hoping. I will have more details about that show this week.

Happy Tuesday.