the secret names of paintings

The title sounds weird but really, we give secret names to a lot of things. Bank accounts. Cars. Cabins. Clothes. Your favorite ratty old sweater for example; it's secret name is probably 'weekend' or 'day-off' or something like that. A new savings account or credit card is '(blank) trip' or 'new car'. I do it too, only it's with my paintings. Not all of them have secret names. Mostly it's the bigger pieces....and their names tend to be linked with destinations. The piece that sold yesterday, it's secret name was 'Nova Scotia summer adventure', so today I began looking at flights and booking time off from the cafe to make it happen.



I'm not sure what the secret names of these two pieces are yet, or if they'll get secret names. Maybe they'll obtain them after without me even knowing. Maybe they'll be simple names like 'gas', 'rent' or 'vehicle repair'. Hopefully one of them will be named 'France' and another will be named 'road trip to Alaska with the Bearded Dude'.

Again, I'm getting too far ahead of myself. It's only February. In the same breathe though, how is it February already?!

We leave for Mexico on Feb 13th and then it's steady work until June when I take off to Moncton and tour the south shore of Nova Scotia, PEI and Cape Breton with a dear friend from New Brunswick....and then right into the summer outdoor art festival season.

This weekend if you are in Edmonton, I'll have some paintings at the Boyle Street Maker's Faire. They'll be in the 'Wall Candy' section. The faire runs Saturday & Sunday from 10am-5pm. Visit for more info.

I'm no longer trapped in the studio. I mopped myself into the small space at my work table and the floors are dry now. Time to get groceries. Stay warm friends and maybe see you this weekend!