the send-off

It never fails. You get involved in a super-fantastic community...whether it be work, neighborhood, school....the people are awesome, you mesh and hang out and have a blast when you work together. It's rad. It's daily. It's energizing.

It's not permanent. Inevitably awesome people move on to more awesomer (forgive's late and I'm so tired) things. It's happening at my work. Some rad co-workers are moving on to radness in other parts of Canada and Norway (of all places!) Such bitter sweet times permeate all areas of my life as of late, especially in art. Paintings in a series will sell and not be seen together again, or I end up selling a piece I'm quite fond of because the person wanting to purchase it is so excited and has a great story to relate to me about why they love the piece...

I am such a softie.

That being said...I LOVE giving art away. I love giving it for gifts, donating paintings for silent auctions (for various charities and/or societies) and I love sending mail. Especially good mail. This is a little series of postcards I painted while hanging out at the NOA (night of artist) booth at Capital X a few nights ago:

The first one is from a picture I took of a lovely house by the Kensington Market in Toronto, the second is a rad shoe display of a vintage closing store in Kensington Market in Toronto, and the third with the poppy is inspired by a lovely crop of them in a side alley way in my neighborhood here in Edmonton. Me and a friend happened to stumble upon this lovely stash of red poppies while walking Gershwin...and I went back a week or so later and took a bunch of photos of them to paint later on. I'm pretty sure the poppies will make it to canvas.

These little babies will eventually make it into the Canada Post mail system. No one really expects hand painted postcards...and you just never know....a friend may need some mini art for their fridge.

Sending off friends, sending off art...and in a month I shall be sent off Newfoundland again. There are blank pages to fill in my watercolor sketchbook that my friend Erika made for me...and they need sketches of Newfoundland on them..

I go back in one month. One month. Holy. Crap. I better get painting and artifact drawing before then.