the show must go on

The beginning of the summer season of shows is here already. Whoa. That was quick. Everything gets a little green and WHAM! Studio is slowly drained of canvases. Well...finished ones. In classic 'stina style' I have 3 canvases on the know, to stave off boredom. Yea....that's it.

It's Friday. All day. Soon to be Friday night....and I know there are roamers out there looking for cool spots to show off your cool new shoes and that styling new do you just got so, here is a link....follow it, get the details, get some tickets, come and see some cool local art, listen to some tunes and make some new friends. You can't make too many new friends, right?

NOA promo video via breakfast tv

There is also a website you can go and see and see samples of each of the artists that will be represented:

Maybe we'll see you later, Edmonton?