the skinny on the pre-trip studio shenanigans

I've been reluctant to write for a number of reasons. 1. I'm hoarding the little pieces I'm working on for Whyte Ave Art Walk when I get back (and leaking glimpses at on instagram and other social media. Oh yea! I have an instagram account now. Follow 'justlittleart' on there too. Original, I know.);

and two;

2. I'm getting a bit concerned that friends and customers at the cafe are getting sick of me talking about my trip.

So when in doubt, shut your mouth. My trip is kind of a funny thing to talk about. Just when I thought I had it (fairly) set on where I was going and when, I got an unexpected email from a friend who is from London (well, just outside in a small town called Frome; pronounced froom.) who wanted to know if I wanted a place to stay and spend some time in the English countryside. She's currently on her way back to Ottawa so I can't provide more details of this until I have them, and run it past her. Not everyone likes to have specific or vague stories of their lives posted online for all the world to read.

For now, I can show you these. They were for Art Walk, but upon completion I went to sign the back and realized I have no way of rigging them to hang on my grid wall for I'm taking them into the cafe tomorrow morning when I open.







These birch panels are really narrow and long. Their dimensions are 3 x 18 (in) with a profile of 2 (in), so I've painted around the sides which adds an interesting effect. They are not a set. The blue one to the left is called 'kesington graffiti study' and hails from a series of photos I took 2 summers ago when I first visited Kensington Market in Toronto. The reddish one to the right is called 'fresh from my garden' and comes from a series of photos I took on that same trip, but this time in Ottawa at the Byward Market. They are both easy to hang with a simple nail in the wall. My main problem is the frame being so thick at the back I can't get eyelet screws and picture wire in to hang them on the 's' hooks that attach to the grid wall. Artist problems, right?

I'm not sure if this will be the last post before my trip. Knowing won't.

It's another rainy Tuesday here in Edmonton. I'm not complaining. I love the rain. The sun came out long enough yesterday to warm the air and dry the long grass that was my lawn. It's mowed now and it's vacation time soon so my apathy about the state of my lawn has fully set in. Meh. It's grass. It's also time for a nap.

I leave in 6 days.