The tail end of the day

I think I'm getting the hang of this daily blog thing again! It feels like a Monday in that my work week just started today. It wasn't a busy day, but a day away from the studio all the same. Still, it's nice to end it in the studio working on multiple canvases, playing with ideas and scheming new pieces. Oh, and emails....but there was only a few of those to respond to.

"nice, huh?" ink & acrylic on canvas, 8"x 8" $80

This is silly zebra painting #1. I finished it was so cute I was very anxious to get it on the fanpage and website at the very least. The viewer is getting a bit of a bum view with this painting....but it's a pretty cute bum, right? Silly zebra painting #2 is about half done at this point, along with octopus painting #2. I think after these I might just have the silly animals out of my system.....but I really want to do one titled "that's what she said!", but I haven't found an animal subject yet that strikes me as perfect for it. I'm still thinking....

So there you go. That is all for today. I'm hoping to get one Victoria painting finished this week to hang up in the Garneau Transcend at the very least, but there is also a cover drawing for a student journal I need to get done. I'm excited to post that and show you how it turns out.