there....and back again

What a whirlwind of a trip. From busy cafe, to plane, to hostel, to foreign city and unfamiliar streets made familiar by exploration and walking, to early spring loveliness and greening tips of trees to airport, -19, snow and busy cafe again. I set off the alarm at the cafe my first day back (not my fault), sent a painting to Newfoundland, sold another painting, have gone to an awards ceremony for Gabriel, worked a very busy Saturday at the cafe today and have JUST now gotten the time to photograph my sketches, look at the photos I took and get things posted from the trip. It feels like I was gone for weeks and simultaneously feels like I've been back for ages. My trip was stellar. I walked a hole close to the seat of my pants. No, really. Some would kid that I ate a hole in my my food and beverage recommendation list was quite substantial....but that is not the case. And I didn't rip them or get them caught on anything. The few surfaces I sat on while sketching were smooth and flat. I walked a hole in my pants. I did that much walking. So let's see, 6 recommendations on my list visited, 14 new sketches, 6 cups of delicious coffee consumed (thanks Mel & Ken at Street Level Espresso!), er.....many local pints imbibed (can I just leave it at that....I don't remember the actual number), 1 business card handed out (to a very surprised man who I'm pretty sure thought I was a homeless street artist) and one lovely patchwork cap purchased. Success!

There are a lot of new little sketches, and I didn't fill up my book yet. This sketchbook has now been across the country with me. It's been to NWT, Newfoundland, Victoria and the Maycroft/ Crowsnest Pass area of southern AB. Awesome! For those of you who are fans of my work on FB, larger versions have been posted in an album on my page....with tiny stories under each one. the blog server doesn't have a heart attack and so I can share them to you in one go....they are smaller versions and I'm sure you won't be able to read the little notes that go with them. I apologize....but you will get the general idea of what I painted.

I've only included the fully painted sketches here. There are some cool pen studies with no watercolor that are in the album I've posted to FB. You are welcome to go there and check them out.

Dog walking time. Happy Saturday!