there is always something there to remind me

Is anyone else suddenly having an 80's flashback after reading that title? No? I'm the only one? What gives?! Maybe this will help:

The reason I am thinking of this song is because in my Saturday morning meanderings about my little section of Edmonton, I bought myself yet another pair of converse high top sneakers. But these are not just ANY sneakers! These are to remind me of what I'm working toward this spring.

LONDON! As in England. Yep....I have indeed purchased a stellar pair of converse high tops with the union jack on them. I am still smiling. So if you are ever curious as to where your money goes after you purchase a painting....well, for the next little bit it's going into the 'London Spring '13 Shenanigans' of my savings notes. Travel is a form of drug.

This post is a week late. It was a very full week. I meant to post and talk about the acrylic on paper class I took last Saturday, but then I had a few days more to process, and then I was getting ready for the 124 Street First Annual Holiday Bazaar (which was super fun....what a cool venue!) and then we were supposed to be away in Calgary this weekend, but the bearded dude came down very suddenly with a horrid here I am with an unexpectedly free weekend to meander and read and finally catch up on some things I let slide during the week.

So yes, last Saturday I took my first painting class ever. After painting and selling work for the past 12 years, you know...why not? I've admired the watercolors of the artist who instructed the class for about as long as I have been painting, and so I figured it would be a good first class to get me back into the swing of a group learning environment. It was a casual day of conversation and some painting exercises I have not thought much of in the past. We painted pears. (Oh wow.) One pear on a grey background, working lighter and darker and one on an orange background. Out of a 5 hr session, this is what I came away with:

I'm very excited about this! It's helped me to look through my archive and understand better why I have loved some things that I have painted more than others. It might sound silly, but I spent a good chunk of the last few months obsessing about my color usage and wondering why some colors (that I used accidentally) worked so well together and others were just kind of 'meh' (in my opinion). It was like handing someone with weakening vision a pair of prescription glasses and saying; "NOW go for a walk in your favorite woods!"


Deep and mighty profound, I know.

Mind blown? Well, happy Saturday to you nonetheless.