Things that bug me

"dragonfly" pen, ink & watercolor on paper

I woke up this morning in a bad mood. Doesn't happen often...but it does happen. Mostly it's due to lack of sleep, me not understanding how my computer works, my computer not understanding how it SHOULD work, and long work days...brain just won't shut off when I need it as I had tea and was stewing in my studio with my bad mood....I thought about things that bug me....but don't REALLY bug me. I figured today was a good day to paint a dragonfly postcard.

Now, I really like dragonflies and I know they aren't really "bugs"...but still...that is where my mind wandered with grumpiness...kind of like Eyore following Pooh a slow amble. Now that the postcard is done however...most of the grumpiness is gone...and I've emptied my tea cup twice. Not bad for a Thursday morning. It's hard to be grumpy and can't focus on those two things at once!

In other and interesting art connections are being made in the land of Edmonton...helps working at an art store too! I'll keep you posted on funky events and other artistic random they are, or well, preferably BEFORE they that maybe you can join in too. Ok, me and my not-so-grumpy-pants need to get ourselves to class and then address Gershwin's frisbee giving in and PLAYING frisbee.

Happy Thursday.