Things we leave behind

I like bathroom graffiti. No, I don't graffiti bathrooms. Well.....there is one bathroom I graffiti. The Penny Coffee House in Lethbridge.....but only because they have a chalk wall and ample chalk. With a set up like that, really it's expected for you to do something. Otherwise I don't graffiti stuff that is not mine. A few years ago I went to a show that a friend was curating at the now defunct Bilton gallery in Red Deer. I don't remember the artist's name, but he was from Montreal and dressed like Austin Powers.....only his hair was a bit more bouffant, his pants a tad more flood like and his glasses way cooler. Anyhow, his works were very.....erm.....globular. Acrylic paint had literally been piled on the canvas and manipulated with various objects. In some cases it looked and though the paint was melting off the canvas. Not really my thing but two distinct things stuck with me about that show. One, the colors. The paint was right out of the tube and so vibrant. And two......he titled the paintings after graffiti he had seen in bathrooms. Slogans, someone plus someone, various rantings.....what a cool idea. Taking someone else's words and concocting a series of paintings based on the imagery that inspires. Some bathroom graffiti is pretty funny and pretty inspiring.

I had the good fortune of being told about the 'Blue Fox' by several friends who had visited or lived in Victoria, so I went there for breakfast on the second morning of my trip. If you haven't been, the food is fantastic....and the table art even better.

"curly blue fox" pen and watercolor on a napkin

Yup. Table art. Over the years, various patrons have drawn fox cartoons on napkins and slid them under the glass table top. There is a myriad of foxy styles and cute stories about adventures leading to and from the blue fox. I decided I needed to leave my 'Stina was here' stamp in a fashion that was allowed....and since I just happened to have some pens and paints on hand and it was still raining out....I ordered and extra cup of coffee and set to work. There are only two tables directly by the window. This little gal is now housed under the glass table top at the table by the window that is closest to the door. If you are in the area....please make sure she is still there, and have the ham & cheese omlette with apple raisin toast and marmalade. The jam is homemade and the food is sooooooooo yummy. You will want extra lick off your fingers.