Third time's a charm!

"show me how" 11" x 14"

Gosh...a whole week blew by and I haven't been on here once!

I've been having great difficulty with my latest portrait commission. They are such a tricky thing....trying to paint them to look as much like "them" as you can, and still maintain your certain style of work. I think I'm having difficulty with this one too because I'm not a huge fan of the background of the photo this is from. I've started and painted over this THREE times now....AND accidentally punctured a hole in a canvas in the process. (silly pen!) So now after a third try and a new canvas I'm happy with how it's  beginning to turn out. I had taken off my glasses and looked at the photo again....and that inspired an idea of what to do with the background. The colors are cool, but the actual stuff in the background isn't that important so I've gone in there with my palette knife and lain the color on that way. I do still want this to be mixed media so I can draw the lines of window sills and shelves with my pen so the teacher and the little girl don't look like they are floating.

Sometimes these things just turn out the way THEY want to...and all you can do is work with that.