This blog was brought to you by Pumphouse blueberry beer from Moncton...

"the Canadian Shield, NWT" acrylic on canvas, 22" x 28" $770

Painting and sipping my favorite beer in the studio after a long day at the cafe is pretty much the most stellar way to end a Sunday I think. Right after reading in bed with vanilla cognac while listening to early autumn rain.... I said it...the 'a' word that no one wants to hear. Sorry...but I've seen the evidence in the poplars and small shrubs. It's on it's way friends! WOHOO! You know what else is on it's way? My trip to Newfoundland! 44 days and the hostel has been booked and it's right in the heart of the things I most want to see while I'm there this time round. Goodness.

But I'm getting ahead of myself again (and starting sentences with 'but'....tsk tsk!). The 4th NWT painting is finally done. It's been about 2 week process mostly due to it's completion being put on hold for a few other projects. Those projects are well underway or finished and now I'm working away on the September show that goes up in Cafe Pichilingue in Red Deer for the month of September. I don't have the exact start date yet, but it will be posted on here and in the exhibits section as soon as I know. Getting back to this painting though....I really took my time with this one. I so enjoy looking at photos of past trips and painting from them. So many great memories arise and inspire these works. The rock of the Canadian Shield is very predominant along the highway to Yellowknife, and the color is quite red, like bricks. It's not like this everywhere. The campsite we were at for example...the rock was very smooth but mostly purplish-grey. The photo for this painting was taken as we were leaving Yellowknife.

Now it's a painting that I like very much.