This drawing brought to you by...plan B

Plan A today was to go to Lethbridge, visit my in-laws and drop off my now finished artifact drawings to the prof at the U of L....but true to the 4 previous times I have attempted this trip since my birthday in January....old man winter felt another 'once around' with the heavy snowfall warnings in the south of the province was a better idea. Fine then. I went downtown to see the new Jasper Transcend, (since I hadn't been there since before they opened) finished inking the artifact drawings and then got distracted by the lovely atmosphere of the new cafe and ended up starting and finishing this drawing.

"transcend III (jasper ave, from the loft) ink on paper, 11" x 14"

These drawings tend to be very relaxed. I'm not worried about lines intersecting properly with other lines. Some things look transparent or slightly off in their perspective...but they are fun and to do. I've been making drawings like this for a number of years now. It started out as a type of drawing exercise in letting go and just drawing...but has now turned into a funky style that I like using as a finished product as well. Just one of the many things I like to do on a day off...when there isn't a critical list of other things to be done first.

And now to find a tasty chili recipe and then painting!