this isn't it

Hello! How is August treating you? The dogs and I just got in from our evening walk and the trees are definitely showing signs of the end of summer. Some trees are already losing their leaves; they are scattered beneath like confetti from a celebration of some sort that I just missed. I love it. I love this change. This dwindling of summer, the creeping in of longer nights, the cooler air, the lengthening shadows. The Bearded Dude and I (aka my husband Jason) are going to try and sneak in one more camping trip and maybe a hike or two in the middle of next month, after he's back from his 2 week oilfield medic rotation. Amazing. I can't wait!

This isn't the post about the new paintings; the one from my trip to England, but they are nearly complete. I will be posting them here and making a new folder in the gallery section specifically for them. I have 3 left to finish and am contemplating the starting of 3 more smaller ones. I've even decided to keep one for myself. An artist and good friend of mine recommended I keep one painting for myself from every series I paint. I'm horrible at it, but with the coming of fall comes this funny nesting/purging/organizing mood that comes over me. Without fail. I have a spot picked out for it and everything. It's going in our bedroom.

This is a post about some other exciting news. Earlier in the summer I was asked to design the EP cover for a wonderful local musician named Amber Suchy. The release party is happening this Friday & Saturday in Calgary at the Ironwood and then here in Edmonton on Sept. 7th at the Blue Chair. I don't have any other details, but you should definitely check out the show if you happen to be in one or the other city on those dates. This is my 2nd album cover project ever and this year! I don't have a physical copy of the CD yet, but here is the painting I did for her cover:



Amber was a regular when I worked at the Garneau location of Transcend, and (lucky me!) she saw some of my paintings and loved my style enough to commission me to design her cover. Oh those wonderful cafe regulars, they all have a special place in my heart; commissions or no. And people wonder why I like working in a cafe! You meet cool people and sometimes get to participate in cool projects those cool people are involved in. (And I'm a coffee addict.)

I've also been asked to design a 3rd album cover for a gentleman in Winnipeg named Kevin Roy. I'm not sure what the release date for his album is yet. What a great summer for collaborations, music and new projects!

Now to get this England show done and hung before my favorite month hits.


Four days left.