This old thing?

"the last Sunday drive" mixed media on canvas, 8" x 10" $80

I live in an older house. It's very tiny and very cozy. I like it, because it has a lot of character. It has the old double paned windows that you have to prop up to keep open, the doors have those great crystal door knobs, it's a bit drafty when it's really effing cold out, it has the original brick chimney that the stove used to be piped into, and there is no sneaking around this place because the hardwood creaks satisfactorily beneath your feet. I'm also a big fan of antique furniture, old trucks and cars (especially with wood paneling!), and recycled this cool hat I bought off a guy who has only been knitting a year. He buys old sweaters, unravels them, and knits it into new stuff. So cool!

I have a dream....are you ready for me to completely dork out on you? I have a dream to one day own a VW van (that can actually make it up to the legal speed limit!), fill it full of art supplies and sleeping gear, and tear across Canada one summer, just to paint and sell things along the way.(I'm making all sorts of crazy confessions on here!) My other dream is simply to own a fabulous vintage the one in today's painting. Something lovely, with weathered paint, a reliable engine....something very much pre-loved! This poor truck was parked in a field along the highway heading to Jasper. I wonder if there is anyway to make it run again? I wonder how many lovely Sunday drives were enjoyed behind it's wheel? I hope at the very least, it's last drive is still remembered fondly by it's owner.