this prairie town

This past weekend the dogs and I squished into our little 2 door black hatchback (known to us as littlecar) with 12 new paintings and headed south down the QE2. First stop was Fort McLeod to visit a friend from high school, take in some sights, drop off 6 pieces for a month and a half long show at the Fort McLeod Arts Building, and run a 10K race in the Willow Creek Wilderness Park on Saturday morning. I did pretty good. I placed 9th with a time of 1:09:47. I finished strong and had no soreness later or the day after. I finished. I was happy with that. Later that day we continued onto Beaver Mines where we picked up my friend's husband from a solo camping & fishing trip, then headed to Twin Butte General Store for tacos on the patio and then got distracted by some side roads with lovely vistas of the rolling prairie. It was honestly breath taking and humbling in the best way. I live in such a beautiful province. It's easy to forget that sometimes and wish to live somewhere else.

Then yesterday it was up early and off to Rosebud, AB which I have never been too. I've heard many great things about the Theater there, and found out during my visit that A.Y. Jackson stayed in the Rosebud Hotel one time for a duration of a few weeks, because he liked the area and wanted to spend some time painting in it. Well, it's easy to see why upon my one afternoon of exploring it. Rosebud is a gem in a little valley; an artistic oasis that looks like a wee garden has sprung up around it. Holy crap, it was cute! I'm going back. I need to see a play. I need to be there when things are open. It was between shows and a Sunday, so the town was super quiet as most everyone was either in church or just chillin' in their shady yards. I had no clue there was a theater school there. And several restaurants and cafes. And a PIE SHOP, which also wasn't open. Damn. Oh well, next time. I dropped my paintings off inside the Mercantile and then had coffee on a patio with two lovely local ladies while we swapped stories. Afterwards I continued up the road through Drumheller, Stettler, into Lacombe and finally back on the QE2 back to Edmonton. I stopped many times along the way to photograph things, trespass lightly onto people's property, freak out a horse and block a few rural driveways for brief moments to snap shots using my instax camera because my phone was not fully charged at the beginning of the day, and had died by that point.

I should be tired, but this past weekend has only whet my appetite for more road trip adventures making friends, photographing stuff, walking random roads and making new memories.

Below is my weekend at a glance. It was pretty stellar. I hope yours was full of adventures too.