Through the trees

9" x 12"

I's getting late, but Friday night is a great night to spend in the studio! I do need to get out a bit more...but really there isn't time. Besides, there are plenty of shenanigans to get into in our little house!

Today was a full day, especially this morning. I had really hoped to have Crowsnest Mountain done today...but I got distracted by some of my pictures from Nova Scotia and started a time was divided between one-a-day and bigger painting. Neither one is done, but this is what the one-a-day looks like so far.

It's in Pleasant Point Park...somewhere along the perimeter. There was a bench just off the main path, and in front of it was a well worn trail into the trees. The path came out of the trees on a rocky outcrop by the sea. It was in a little inlet and across the water were houses. I can't imagine growing up so close to the ocean...and just being able to go out and get into your wee boat and play! There were these fabulous tall pines that were all twisted from the wind and this great little rocky beach just below....I'm so glad I walked to that park (twice!). So worth it, but it really made me miss everyone around there was walking or running with their dog...and the majority of the dogs I saw were ALSO retrievers.

I hope I can make it out to the east coast again this year.