Sometimes it takes me about 2 or 3 paintings to realize I'm missing something. Not in the painting, but I get on these theme tangents without really realizing it. Currently my mini-theme seems to be Toronto, probably because I am overdue for a visit and haven't booked a ticket yet. I finished this piece last week and hung it in the cafe a few days ago to replace the larger Walterdale bridge painting that sold:

graffiti alley in Kensington Market, TO, mixed media on canvas, 30x48(in)

graffiti alley in Kensington Market, TO, mixed media on canvas, 30x48(in)

If I time my visits to Toronto properly, and end up there over a weekend, we usually get up at the crack of dawn and hit the St. Lawrence Market for breakfast and the first coffee in the basement, and then dash off quickly and have another coffee at this tiny corner coffee shack (and it is a shack, I kid you not! It's heated by a tiny space heater in the winter and completely open in the summer.) in Kensington Market. Then we figure out what to do with the rest of our day. If you've never been to Kensington Market, it's like a permanent artisan village at a Folk Festival combined with fruit stands and all sorts of ethnic grocery stores. We get accosted every few feet because my Aunt is the neighborhood Ukrainian Baba and knows everyone and at least 5 very personal facts about them, and asks them about things in their life right then and there to make sure things are OK. It's very heart warming and entertaining to witness.

Currently on the work table is a small painting of a woman feeding pigeons in the Loblaws parking lot at the end of Bloor. It's from a photo I took while visiting TO last October. I also have a few other TO paintings mapped out in my head because I seem to have this growing fascination with graffiti, and TO has plenty of it. And plenty of good graffiti. This is not to say that Edmonton does not, but Toronto seems to embrace it more, while Edmonton seems OK with it for a while, and then someone has a fit and stuff starts getting covered.

I have some Edmonton, street art scenes mapped out in my head too.

My intention with the paintings with graffiti is not to copy the graffiti...but to mimic the basic shapes and bright colors. Graffiti adds so much to blank walls and electrical boxes. I'm sorry, but there is just nothing really attractive about some urban blank spaces. They are grey and go on forever and often get neglected and collect garbage that's blown in. Let them be decorated! Why not? It'll be such a neat, ever-evolving canvas, and just up the ante for better, brighter and more creative additions.

It was ramble on here, or have a nap before yoga. You got the ramble. Lucky you!