toast & tea...and a later start time for me!

I love Sunday mornings. I normally open the cafe on Sundays and this morning I was going through the motions of Sunday mornings...get dressed, feed the Gersh, wait for him to drink his entire bowl of water like a frickin' camel then make sure he got EVERY morsel from his bowl before letting him outside...wash my face, wrestle with my hair when... Heck. It's the 23! I think this is an odd shift. Thank goodness for scheduling online because sure enough....I start at 10am! HOLY CRAP! 10am! So, I have time for like toast and tea and painting in the studio? Best Sunday morning EVER!

So here is what I got up to:

Another 30" x 40" tree canvas with some trippy perspective. It's taken from a photo from my trip to Victoria back in early March...while I was standing at the base of a huge cedar tree in a park along Government Street (I'm pretty sure...according to the order it appears in the photos I took). This is the last  big tree painting for a bit I think, but then I never really can count on what random inspiration might get my attention.

Well, toast is finished now. Tea cup is empty. Hair has been straightened. I think it's time for pre-shift coffee and reading and then head full swing into Sunday and all it's shenanigans.

Happy Sunday friends! Don't make anyone cry. Unnecessarily.