too much white noise...and a bit of white paint

Lately my stress level has been horrid. There is so much 'life' going on, and to be entirely honest....this time around I'm not handling it too well. My fiancee is away working in southern SK, I'm working, getting ready to move, finishing up the wedding planning and trying to get paintings done and cool new blog posts thought out....oh, and eat, sleep, walk my dog and go for runs to help alleviate my stress. STRESS.

I'm not one of those 'emotional' artists. When I'm dead you won't be able to chronicle my career through different emotional periods. There is no dark phase, there won't be a blue period....and nothing to channel past teenage angst into. When I'm stressed I have a hard time painting....because I'm thinking about all the other things that need to get done. Creativity suffers. Part of my problem? Trying to do too many things at once. I'm going too fast. There is too much white noise in my life for me to concentrate. So I'm changing some things.

1. going back to "just a few minutes in the studio" instead of none, and at the beginning of the night instead of the end, when I'm bagged. (take some of my OWN good advice that I seem to have forgotten lately)

2. leaving my cell phone at home when I work at the cafe. I can get to the emails, text and facebooking later.

3. sketching in my daytimer. My days aren't THAT full that I need all the space on the page, and it will be super cool to look back on what this year was really like....sketches, dates, to-do lists and all.

4. being present. I like to plan the next 5 things I'm going to accomplish while I'm working on something. Auto pilot sucks....and I'm missing out on cool moments that I chatting with customers, or taking photos or jotting that idea down for a new poem.

5. practicing sitting still. I have a summer reading list. I intend to get through it. I can only do this by sitting still and letting myself get lost in the pages. (I guess this also means I get to work on my tan....then I won't snow blind people with my whiteness) I also have illustration projects I want to get started on. I have to sit still to work on those too. (I need to sit still and blog too....because I know some of you out there are reading this, because now you can leave comments! And thank you for those that have left me comments!)

But this blog is not about stress...and I wanted to share a photo of my latest piece (so far, and above). It's a lovely mixed media piece from a photo I took in Victoria. It's going to be a housewarming gift for a friend who moved to Vancouver a few months ago. I'm very excited to send it to her. I hope it makes her cry.

This painting does not contain white noise...just a bit of white paint, and soon some white ink. The perspective of the photo is also screwy. The painting was lying on my drawing table and when I took the photo.

This concludes today's studio time.