Travel companions

General Monkeybiznass & the Stephanie Doll (the monkey is made of felt and Stephanie is ink & pencil crayon on paper)

It's 7:30am and my flight leaves at 10 and here I am blogging and sipping tea. This is the first flight I have booked to the east coast that doesn't depart at 7am...and it's kind of nice. I'll get to the airport and won't have sleep in my eyes. Art supplies have been chosen and travel companions packed. travel companions have been packed. I did type that right.

Those two above that you see in my suitcase are (left) General Monkeybiznass and (right) the Stephanie Lajeunesse doll. Now, there are stories and very good reasons why I am taking these two along with me to Newfoundland. (alright...they are reasons and I think they are good, you might think I'm odd and I'm totally fine with that!)

My friend the Feisty Librarian is a teen services librarian. I guess there are many types of librarians...and holy cow, do these people know how to party! (I certainly can't keep up with them, especially past 10pm as that is my bedtime and my eyes begin shutting involuntarily shortly after that.) She (FL) makes these hilarious and slightly devious felt creatures. When she travels, she takes them and takes photos. A couple of other friends have done the same and now I am following suit.

Now the Stephanie doll is a different story. Stephanie and I haven't actually met. She's seen my work and we have messaged back and forth on FB (yay social networking!) Her brother used to bring in his Westfalia to the mechanic shop I worked at. Stephanie is a fan of my artwork and noticed on some other trips I had made a traveling doll just for some fun candid photos. She said that on my next adventure I should make a Stephanie doll and take her with me. I meant to do it last year when I went to Halifax....but due to poor organization and forgetfulness, it didn't happen. I didn't forget this time!

Alright...we are off for fall maritime adventures. See you when we get back!