tricky triptychs

The day is done. I'm in the living room nursing a chicken stew food baby, sipping tea, candles are lit and I'm listening to Bob Chelmick on 'the Road Home', a program on CKUA that I love. He's talking about digging and playing good tunes and reading poetry to anyone that tunes in. It's one of my favorite radio programs. It's on late, it's relaxing...and I've gotten some awesome painting ideas from stuff he's had on his show. A cozy evening at home listening to online radio. I'm not a COMPLETE ludite. Yes, I stream radio on the internet. Still have no TV or microwave. All I need is a goat to entertain Gershwin and take care of the lawn in the backyard, and I'm all set. Anyhow...tricky triptychs. triptych. Tricky to photograph, tricky to hang and tricky to paint. Especially this one. There is a lot of green in the photograph. I do mean....a LOT of green. So much so, that as I started looking at the photo I kept wondering how on earth I was going to do this lovely garden I photographed justice in the painting. The woman I am painting this for is totally rad. I have free reign with artistic license.

Well, ok then!

It's not a great photo, it's true. You can't tell that I'm using an awesome prism violet and naples yellow for the trees instead of green...or the awesome green tintinate I'm using for the sun highlights on the grass. There are a few reasons for this not so great photo:

1) it's dark outside and photos turn out better with ample natural lighting

2) the painting is not done yet!

3) I still haven't figured out HOW i'm going to photograph this and post it when it's done

4) it's an art blog...and I have a certain quota of 'arty shots' I'm entitled too

5) I don't have an iphone and therefore, no instagram application. I haven't been fully converted to a hipster yet even though I live in hipster central (phew!)

This painting is also tricky because I need to remember to paint ALL the sides as I go. The paintings look so good when the image wraps around the frame I think. It's a bit more work, but then you needn't frame the finish piece unless you REALLY want to. Plus, this is being hung above a it will just look better if the painting encompasses the entire canvas.

So that is what I spent my evening doing. After I made delicious chicken stew. And painted my last two postcards (which I forgot to get MORE of when I was at the art store on my lunch break today. Sigh). They are posted on my fanpage site if you want to take a look. They get mailed tomorrow.

My tea is just about done, as is my radio program. Almost time for bed and then? 10K race in Banff on Saturday and a looooooong overdue trip to Southern Alberta. Yay!