tuesday celebrations

Thankfulness abounds this evening. The winter is hot-flashing. The temperature is in the plus range and there is this constant dripping sound when you go outside. It smells wet and fresh and deceptively spring like. I enjoyed it with the dogs while the sun was still up. I enjoyed it again in my running shoes, skirting gingerly alongside darkened puddles whose depths I could not gauge well in the darkness. I'm sure it won't last. I'm not being negative, but it's January. In Edmonton no less. Also, I can post photos on here again! The gentleman who is responsible for the making of this site finally had time to sit and puzzle out why this wasn't able to happen. Silly rogue plugin. (delete!)

Now you can peek inside my studio once again.

And my birthday is on Friday. I will be 32.


Here is what I'm working on at the moment. A panoramic view from an Edmonton alley along Whyte Ave. That is the Chianti building with the clock tower to the right, in case you were wondering.