Two sleeps and a bison roast

DlOx-5: 18997 pen on paper

First off....the bid for the painting I posted last was a success! Congratulations to Amy Anderson for getting in the winning bid! Some of the bids included home baked apple cake, a house concert and a bottle of wine, and an entire box of timbits! So fun! I think a week worth of bidding might have been a bit long. If I do it again, I might shorten the bidding to 3-4 days. We'll see what happens after I get back from NEWFOUNDLAND! Augh! So excited!

All the projects I wanted to wrap up have been...well, wrapped up! The drawings were sent to the U of L yesterday morning, jelly fish were fraken-boxed and sent to their new home. I've been in a bit of a daze the last few days because there is nothing that needs my attention RIGHT NOW. I did take advantage of the lovely fall colors before the south wind ripped through town and spread the yellow leaves like confetti all over the city streets. I'm preparing for the building abstract shows in January and February here in Edmonton. I was thinking I would limit them to just Eddy building abstracts....but I still have some lovely pictures from NWT I would like to include, not to mention all the lovely things I will photograph on my trip to St. Johns.

The above drawing is the last bone drawing of my project for the U of L.

I have an idea for a tree painting brewing in my I think I might go work on that. No sense in packing a whole day early for my trip. Some of the clothes I want to pack aren't dry anyhow. This is probably the last post until I get back on the 11th...but we'll see. I'm not sure what kind of internet connection there is in the hostel I'm staying at...but I will have heaps of things to share with you when I get home! Also...the bison roast is what we are having for our late Sunday dinner.