Unlikely places

"fly" pencil crayon & pencil on paper

Yesterday I went to a funeral. I didn't know the young man who died, but I know his oldest brother and his mom pretty good. At the end of the service, when they were bearing the casket out, they had paper airplanes in the pews for us to throw as the casket went by. This was because the young made had, or had been working on getting his pilots license for small aircraft. He loved to fly...and as I watched all these paper air planes being tossed around, I was suddenly struck with what a lovely image it was. I did NOT break out my sketchbook there at the funeral, but I did think of the image all the way home....and quickly sketched it in my book in the studio when I got home. This will be turned into a painting.

After I deal with the station wagon painting....which is still sitting on the easel.

I was at another funeral a few years back, and the same thing happened. We were at the grave site, it was November (I think) and it was raining. As we stood there, in dark colored long coats...people dug out their umbrellas, and most of them were brightly colored. So here were all these shapeless silouhettes, topped with these bright umbrellas in the drizzling rain. I sketched that out and turned it into a painting. It sold very quickly, and I titled it "The departure".

Inspiration really lurks in the most unlikely places.