Oh, the plans I had for this evening! Drop off a painting to the buyer. Get a few ingredients for dinner. Go home. Go for a run. Clean the bathroom. Make dinner. Walk dogs and then paint. Well, I got through that list up until "go for a run". Then it started raining. No big deal. I like running in the rain. I'm a weirdo. Then it started pouring. Then it go loud and began pouring harder. Suddenly my super efficient and timely to-do list had unraveled. It's only Wednesday. I can run tomorrow. I'd like to enjoy this much needed wet weather from my studio table. So I continued on down the to-do list. I skipped cleaning the bathroom. I'm just about finished this glorious prairie scape I started last week. There are certain types of weather, or songs, or articles of clothing I wear (like sweaters or slippers or hats....nothing odd!) that get me in the mood for certain things. Curling up with a book, or going on a road trip. Tonight's weather set just the mood I needed to work on this painting. The smell of the rain, the cozy environment in my little house that the low dense cloud created.....time to put on the David Francey and paint away.

Being introduced to this part of Alberta is something I will always be grateful for. I hope we can live in southern Alberta one day. I've lived there now on two different occasions in two different cities, once as a teenager and again as an adult, and loved it both times.




There is just so much beautiful sky and rolling hills....it's not flat or boring. The light changes everything about this landscape; the color, the depth, the detail you can make out. It's amazing and makes me grin from ear to ear almost without me realizing it right away.




I had a very hard time deciding which photo to paint. I settled on this one. I love the summer storm rolling in from the right, and if you look hard, Chief Mountain is visible in the middle of the horizon.


It's not finished yet. I still have some ink to add to the fields in the foreground and some of the clouds near the top. It's close though. Happy Wednesday.