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Today was one of those days I wish was like a drawing on a dry erase white board. Let's just wipe that shall we...and pretend it didn't happen. But the cafe day is over. I'm at home, typing this on my awesome new couch while Gershwin looks longingly out the front door window at passersby like he has never had a walk in his entire 7 years on this planet and I am trying to unwind from the day. The nap was NOT restful....but I did however, work out how to go about the commission I'm working on. Last night was productive though! I finally finished the two tree pieces I was working on, in addition to another in the series of the girl in the hymnal dress (or as mentioned in previous posts...the "break-up series"). The two tuckamore tree paintings are posted here on the site in the gallery in 'the Sanctuary', if you didn't see them posted on my FB fanpage. This one is too....but it turned out so well, I wanted to post about it.

the deep end

mixed media on canvas, 20" x 20"


It just sold today, which is pretty exciting! The swimming idea came from things I am trying to immerse myself back into. Art. Life. Setting up my home. Training for my 10K race. Making new friends and maintaining some of the awesome friendships that have been on going for me for a while now. She's kind of suspended...but not uncomfortably so.

There is one more in this series that I have made a very rough sketch of...somewhere in my daytimer. I don't really need to find the sketch. I remember what it looks like. The last one was inspired by one of my closest friends and I'm pretty eager to get it onto canvas. But that will have to wait for another day. At some point I need sleep. And beer. Especially after this hectic day!