up with the sun

I love getting up early and getting stuff done, in the studio or otherwise. Even if it's just reading a book in bed. It's a bit more of a struggle in the winter when the days are shorter, but come summer, my eyes pop open at 5am whether I want them to or not.

I work the open shift four days a week at the cafe, which works great for me because I'm up at six, there for seven and finished by about one in the afternoon. It leaves plenty of time for painting and all the other things that fill my time. But also, it presents me opportunities to see stuff like this:

I have no idea how the light did this crazy thing, but it did and I saw it, and snapped a photo. This was an actual sunrise from this past March, looking down 62nd avenue from my parking spot on the street in front of the cafe.

Now I'm turning it into a painting, which I started the day before we left for Vancouver Island, and will be finishing up this week. Probably Monday.

I used a lot of anthraquinone blue (the darkest blue) which seems to glow with a deep intense light when you mix it with just a little bit of white. I totally fudged the highlights on the power lines, but I just love that hot pink against the cool, pale blues of the sky. We have some of the best sunrises here on the prairies, but then, I grew up here so I guess I'm a little biased on that account.

It's very satisfying to be painting in the studio again. Painting on location is a lot of fun, but it feels really luxurious to be able to take my time with a painting and work with a medium I know well. I savored being able to step away and get a better look at this piece in between colors, and not be worried about it blowing over, or a dog licking the palette or the weather deciding if it would rain or not. I'm really looking forward to my next mobile painting adventure, but it's nice to have all the things I need on hand without thinking about how to safely cart them around to the next place.

I hope you got to spend your Sunday doing what pleases you most.