updates from the burnt orange couch

What a glorious and full Saturday. A day of catching up with a some small side projects while catching up on Vinyl Cafe and CBC Ideas podcasts, an unexpected coffee date at my favorite bakery with the Bearded Dude, a very windy run and ending with a dear friend moving into the basement suite of the studious little flat. So here I am, occupying my couch, sipping a hoppy grapefruit ale and watching the sky decide whether it wants to rain, shine or produce a tornado. Yep, for sure it's spring in Alberta. For side project #1; I was asked to draw something for a little band in Robson Valley called Samson's Delilah to be used as promo material. A friend of the couple/band members took some awesome photos of them, so I did this drawing from my favorite photo:


Then I have some pals in Newfoundland who have a jam band. Apparently they are working on an album....or have been for a while now and wanted some promo material as well. Their group is called "The Shed Devils" and they are from St. John's. It's not finished yet, but the drawing is mostly done. I just need to color it in with watercolor.


Lastly, I get inspired by all sorts of things, not the least of which being places I hang out at home or when traveling. Conveniently only a 20 minute walk from my house is this lovely little restaurant called Three Boars. It's the place to go for amazing food,  great beer and a stellar, LEGIT cocktail list. No fluffy, overly sugary drinks there. Nope. You can get a genuine Old Fashioned and they make their own tonic for G & T's. I love going there, so I'm working on a piece inspired by it. The place....the regulars....the vibe....and let's be honest, I freakin' love anthropomorphizing animals and have not done so with boars as the subject yet. Creative multitasking. BOOM. Obviously it's not finished. There is a mock chalk board background with a beer list (to mimic the chalk board wall menu they got going on there) and paper for the backgrounds of the pictures where various stylish boars will be doing boarish things.


I emailed in my application to be a vendor at Artswells this summer, and got an acceptance email an hour later! It will be the first time selling my work at a festival AND in BC. Hooray for summer and living out of my car for a week. August is going to be a really fun and mobile month. I'll be ready!

Time to balance the productivity of this day with a dog walk and some reading. And most likely another beer.