updates from the cafe

The moves is complete. The studio is set up. The internet is not working. Sigh.

Telus can't decide if A) I don't have internet at my new flat or B) if it's just a matter of their server having a seizure on their end. So, here I am at Transcend Garneau using the internet to update my blog. Hopefully there will be internet on Tuesday. Hopefully.

In the meantime....summer art show season is now in full swing. Today I'm taking part in a group show somewhere in the U of A hospital. I would tell you where....but I don't know. In a foyer...somewhere. I will have 4 paintings there and the show runs today from 12-5 and again on Monday from 12-5. Should be fun though.

Whyte Ave Artwalk prep will be in full swing next week. I have a small army of naked little canvases that are screaming for attention. There will be scenes from Victoria, Newfoundland....and who knows what else. The new studio space is super rad....and this time there is enough room for both my work table AND my drawing table to be set up at the SAME TIME! I have pictures of the disaster the new space was, and the workable coziness it has recently become...but alas, I forgot to bring my camera so I could load the pictures on here and share them with you.

Next time friends. I just wanted you to know I'm well and getting back into the creative swing of things. Prepare for the onslaught of justlittleart shenanigans, and if you have them, take care of your brushes.