Using my powers for good and easel

I don't have a lot of free time on my hands, but facebook can be a magical thing. Through the joy of posting silly status updates (much like the one above I am currently using for the title of today's blog) myself and two other fellow artist's compiled a bit of an artist's prayer using the Lord's prayer as the spine. I tweaked it a bit....and here is my finished version. I call it: prayer for the acrylic artist. Our canvas,

who art blank,

commission (and SOLD!) be thy name(s).

No palette humdrum,

but thy colors be painted on as Bob Ross hath done!

Give us some neutral grey,

and some cadmium red,

and lead us not into creative constipation

as we forgive those who are creatively constipated.

Lead us NOT from the local art store,

and deliver us our easel (or whatever else we ordered!)

with our acrylics and gel mediums.

Creating mixed media glory,

we gesso with gusto!


Besides writing silly little prayers for goofy artist's, I did paint this evening. I got in an entire evening of painting, and employed the use of my hair dryer to help the ink dry faster.

"the right track"

mixed media on canvas, 24" x 30"


I have other shots of this trolley from the lovely Sunday we walked in the river valley last fall. They are mostly close ups, but I like the tracks in this and the off centeredness of the trolley. I would like to ride the little trolley across the top of the bridge this summer when it's back in it's seasonal operation. It seems like a cheesy but fun touristy thing to do when you live here. I took Gabriel's advice this time and tried to place pages from the Rod & Gun that actually pertained to the subject of the painting. It's hard to tell from the photo but the trolley tracks are drawn on top of an article for the railroad, with a schedule of runs across Canada. It's fitting because the trolley runs on old CN rails. I stumbled upon the advertisements by accident....I was just looking for pages with lots of writing on them. I probably shouldn't blog about such happy accidents because then you would think everything I paint is intentional and that I'm a creative genius....but alas, I'm just winging it.

I use my powers for good and easel....yes, yes I do. What am I painting next? I'm not sure. I'm pretty much ready for the show at the Sugarbowl....I think. But there are a few days left between now and the 1st. Who knows what will pop into my noggin and then show up on canvas?

(I don't know why there are so many spaces....silly formatting!)