vote for schminke

Call display on a cell phone can be a mixed blessing. Now that the Alberta election is over, I toyed with the idea of phoning back the campaigners that phoned to harangue me about the evils of all the other parties, and telling them what an amazing artist I was, and ask when they would be buying paintings from me. Of course I would need to run down all the other artists know....aren't ME. Somehow I don't think that would generate more commissions. I don't see why campaigners think this works in helping persuade the public to vote for their party. I refrained from calling the numbers back. Oh, the high road. I'm glad the election is over. Holy. Crap.

And now, tomorrow. Tomorrow, Quebec! Or more precisely, Quebec city.

(prepping my travel kit with the new Schminke pans....which is just a nice brand of watercolor paint.)

I kept forgetting my travel watercolor set had 12 more spots for paints, so I made a quick visit to the watercolor isle at the art store and got lost in paint swatches of delicious translucence. A purple. Some lovely browns. A stormy grey that softens with more water. I obtained 12 additional colors to help capture my newest adventure.  I have never spent time immersed in a city where I don't speak the same language as the majority of the citizens that live there. A new 'first' for the Roaming Artist. I'm excited!

I'm a little behind the times in terms of reading the latest books. After wading through a book that examines how and why we Canadians perpetuate 'nordicity' as part of our cultural identity, I have purchased a copy of 'Wicked' to read on the plane. Yup, little slow. I love the Wizard of Oz and one of my favorite movies as a kid was 'Return to Oz'. I'm not sure if anyone remembers that movie. It was a Disney movie.'s not what inspired a purchase of red moccasin/loafers. I've been looking for some for a while. I just thought it was fitting....the whole ruby slipper thing....and writing a blog the night before my trip. I love the studious little flat.....but in the morning my chant will be 'there is no place like Quebec City!'

I'm looking forward to sharing the sketches and musings from our trip.

The dogs know something is up. They are extra cuddly. This means it's time for bed. Is it morning yet?

(clicking heels 3 times)

Nope. Not yet.